Some, any,no/ compounds

Some, any + -body / -one, + -thing, + -whereThe compounds of some andany behave in the same way as some and any,

that is to say, some-, in affirmative sentences and, any-,

in negatives and questions, although we use some-

in the interrogative to offer something, to ask for something or when we expect a positive response, as we saw in the previous unit.

Examples:I saw somebody there.

I did not see anybody there.

Did you see anybody there?

Would you like something better?

Instead of I did not see anybody there, we can say I saw nobody there, but we cannot use two negative words: *I did not see nobody there.

Anybodynobody and somebody mean the same as anyoneno-one andnobody respectively. No-one can also be written no one.

Any can also mean “every” or “it does not matter which / who”:

You can take any pencil.

Anybody can do it. It’s very easy.

some,any,no and every



some algo, algunos 1. Afirmative sentences2. Interrogative sentences when they mean
invitation or when an affirmative answer
is expected
someone alguien
somebody alguien
something algo
somewhere en algún sitio
any algo, algunos, ningún 1. Interrogative sentences
2. Negative sentences (to have a negative
meaning “any” has to follow “not”)3. Affirmative sentences meaning “cualquier”
anyone alguien, nadie
anybody alguien, nadie
anything algo, nada
anywhere en algún (ningún) sitio
no ningún 1. Affirmative or interrogative sentences,
to which they confer a negative meaning.2. Mainly used as subjects.
no one nadie
nobody nadie
nothing nada
none ninguno (para cosas)
nowhere en ninguna parte
every todos, cada Affirmative, negative or interrogative sentences
everyone todos
everybody todo el mundo
everything todas las cosas
everywhere en todas partes

Let’s see the following examples to end with:

Somebody told me you were abroad.

Nobody came to the meeting.

Was there anybody in the house?

I want something to eat.

I don’t need anything.

I need nothing.

Would you like something to drink?

Is there anything in that drawer?

I want to go somewhere else.

I didn’t go anywhere.

I went nowhere.

Have you seen my car keys anywhere?

exercise one


three  practice with a letter


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