Reported Speech

Reported Speech

Commands, orders, requests   with  to/ not to

example   ” bring the book here“

She said to bring the book there

“don’t talk  loudly”

She said not to talk loudly

Statements- we have to change :


Shifting of expressions of time

this (evening) that (evening)
today/this day that day
these (days) those (days)
now then
(a week) ago (a week) before
last weekend the weekend before / the previous weekend
here there
next (week) the following (week)
tomorrow the next/following day

Verbs changing

Verbs: direct speech        reported speech

present…..  changes into …    past

will ….. ……. changes into….   would

can          changes into    could

must      changes into    had to

past simple changes into Past perfect    Had + V participle

Exemple: I’m coming tomorrow

She said she was coming the next day

Questions:  Two types

One with question word – we write the question word and the sentence with no question,Subject first, we don’t include do or did

“Where do you live”? she said where I lived

two with no question word – then we write if or whether

“do you play football?” she asked if I played football

Reporting verbs

Form and meaning

We use reporting verbs to report what someone said more accurately than using say and tell.

Verb + infinitive

agree, decide, offer, promise, refuse, threaten

  • They agreed to meet on Friday.
  • He refused to take his coat off.

Verb + object + infinitive

advise, encourage, invite, remind, warn

  • Tom advised me to go home early.
  • She reminded me to telephone my mother.

Verb + gerund

deny, recommend, suggest

  • They recommended taking the bus.
  • She suggested meeting a little earlier.

Verb + object + preposition (+ gerund)

accuse, blame, congratulate

  • He accused me of taking the money.
  • They congratulated me on passing all my exams.

Verb + preposition + gerund

apologise, insist

  • They apologised for not coming.
  • He insisted on having dinner.

Verb + (that) + subject + verb

admit, agree, decide, deny, explain, insist, promise, recommend, suggest

tell, say,ask, apologise, offer, agree,deny, refuse…………………………………….


“You are right”  She agreed

“No, I won’t do it” She refused to do it

1 “I didn’t do it,” she said.
She ________________ doing it.
2 “Have lunch with me,” she said.
She ________________ me to have lunch with her.
3 “Why don’t you buy one?” said Tom.
Tom ________________ I buy one.
4 “I promise I’ll take you to Prague,” said Mary.
Mary ________________ to take me to Prague.
5 “I hope Andy phones tonight,” said Clare.
Clare ________________ Andy would phone that night.
6 “Please, please don’t tell anyone!” he said.
He ________________ me not to tell anyone.
7 “I won’t do it,” he said.
He ________________ to do it.
8 “You should have lessons,” she said.
She ________________ me to have lessons.
9 “We really must go with you,” they said.
They ________________ on going with me.
10 “Don’t forget to phone Granny,” said Mum.
Mum ________________ me to phone Granny.
11 “If you wear my T-shirt again, I’ll pinch you very hard,” said Maggy.
Maggie ________________ to pinch me very hard if I wore her T-shirt again.
12 “Don’t fly kites near electric overhead cables,” said my father.
My father ________________ me not to fly kites near electric overhead cables.

To know more about reporting verbs we can watch this video

To practice

exercises on reported speech questions one two

exercises on reported speech statements one two

exercises on reported speech commands  one (positive)  two (negative)  three (mixed)

exercises mixed   one two

exercises with special  reporting verbs  one two  three  four   five  six


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