Unit 5 city life

Vocabulary: Places, collocations

Grammar: Future tenses  and the first conditional, Zero conditional


Aquest futur és el futur dels plans i les intencions

structure:    S+to be+going to+ verb (base form)

I’m going to visit London soon   (affirmative)

I’m not going to visit London    (negative)

Are you going to visit London?  (interrogative)


positive sentences  three

mixed exercises  one

questions  two

negative sentences  four

Future with will

We use it:

  • For predictions   / I will be famous one day
  • Spontaneous actions /  the phone is ringing. I’ll answer it
  • We use after: I Think/ I believe/ I hope/ I’m  sure/maybe/Perhaps/ Probably (I will probably go to NY)

Exercises: one two

a video practise spontaneous and offers will you help me?

Affirmative Negative Interrogative
I will go I won’t go Will I go ?
You will go You won’t go Will you go ?
He will go He won’t go Will he go ?
She will go She won’t go Will she go ?
It will go It won’t go Will it go ?
We will go We won’t go Will we go ?
You will go You won’t go Will you go ?
They will go They won’t go Will they go ?

Present continuous as a future arrangement

It always have to use the future particle,

I’m meeting you at 4:00 this afternoon.

Future particles of time

tomorrow/ next week, month, year, Monday ……..

after tomorrow/ in two weeks’ time or in two weeks(d’aquí dos semanes)

Do or make

To practice do and make, first learn about it 

more theory  a list

a list of different collocations


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