Unit 4

Unit 4  Looking ahead



  • Future

  • Phrasal verbs


Adjectives describing music Resolutions
Melodious = melodiós/arhythmic =rítmic 

loud =fort(volum)

low = baix (volum)

tuneless = poc melodiós


calm = tranquil.la

lively = viu, alegre

catchy = “pegadizo”

valuable = valuós

trends = tendències, moda

release =estrenar, posar a la venda

Get fit = posar-se en forma 

lose weight = aprimar-se

break a bad habit = deixar un mal habit

save money = estalviar diners

take up hobby = dedicar-se a /iniciar-se en

una afició

stop smoking = deixar de fumar

give up junk food = deixar el menjar porqueria

cut down TV viewing = mirar menys la televisió


Phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs
Give something up = stop (doing something )  cut down on sth=reduce in quantity,amount,…wake up = stop sleepingtake up = start a hobbylie down = put oneself, flat on an horizontal surface or in a resting positioncalm down = relax after being angryfall through = cancel a plan, fail, doesn’t happenfall out (with sb /over sth) = have a fight 

find out = discover, obtain information

get on (with) = have good relaations

get rid of = eliminate  look forward to = can’t wait,be exited about the futureput up with (sb or sth) = toleraterun out = finish, have no more of somethingshow off = try to impress, want to be admiredsort out = organise or resolve a problemtake off = leave the ground (aeroplanes ..) 

get round to = finally find time to do sth

break up = 1- end a relationship

2 start laughing

get over =get better, recover

look through = search for something (lists, papers)

To know more about phrasal verbs and do some exercises go to the Grammar “phrasal verbs”

Future Simple

Positive           Negative           Question

I will speak            I won’t speak          will I speak?

Use of will Future 

  • a spontaneous decision example: Wait, I will help you.
  • an opinion, hope, uncertainty or assumption regarding the future example: He will probably come back tomorrow.
  • a promise example: I will not watch TV tonight.
  • an action in the future that cannot be influenced  example: It will rain tomorrow.
  • conditional clauses type I     example: If I arrive late, I will call you.

exercises  Level 1 level 2

Form of going to Future

S+ V(to be) + going to + V(base form)

  • S+ is going to + V (base form)  Affirmative

  • S+ isn’t going to + V (base form)  Negative

  • Are + S+going to+V(base form)?  Interrogative

Use of going to Future

  • an action in the near future that has already been planned or prepared
  • example: I am going to study harder next year.
  • a conclusion regarding the immediate future
  • example: The sky is absolutely dark. It is going to rain.

exercise:  level 1 level 2

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