Unit 3 High literature

We are going to learn:

  • Adverbs. We use adverbs to describe the way something happens.They generally go after the main verb.

Most adjectives + ly  beatifully

adjectives ending -ble change -e to bly  comfortably

adjectives ending -y change to -ily angrily

Irregular adjectives:  fast  fast

good   well

hard    hard

exercise 1 on adverbs and adjectives

  • Words related to art


  • Past simple
  • there was/ there were
  • past continuous
  • past continuous vs past simple
  • construccions with when and while
  • how to make adverbs from the adjectives
  • time connectors


Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson
Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson fou un escriptor escocès. És autor d’algunes de les històries fantàstiques i d’aventures més populars, com L’illa del tresor i L’estrany cas del Dr. Jekyll i Mr. Hyde o El cas misteriós del Dr. Jekyll i Mr hyde.
Naixement: 13 de novembre de 1850,Edimburg, Regne Unit.


Make and respond to suggestions.


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