Modal verbs

Watch the Video!
10 min

With these song extracts, you will practice modal verbs.

Watch the video:

Watch again, and complete the sentences below with the right modal verb:

1. We ____________ as well be strangers.
2. I ____________ get you out of my head.
3. I know I ____________ be what I want to be.
4. If I work hard at it, I ____________ be where I want to be.
5. Even when the darkest clouds are in the sky, you ____________ sigh and you
____________ cry.
6. The show ____________ go on!
7. My make up ____________ be fading, but my smile still stays on.
8. ____________ I stay or ____________ I go?


Writing Exercise
5 min

Match the two columns to identify the use of each modal verb.

1. Abe should call Lyla soon after their first date.                  a. obligation
2. Lyla should be happy to get his call.                                        b. possibility
3. Abe calls but she doesn‟t pick up, she must be working. c. low probability
4. No problem, he can call her back later.                              d. rational probability
5. Later he tells her they could go out to dinner again.    e. certainty
6. She says she may be available Friday.                                f.  polite request
7. Abe asks if he can call her back Friday morning          . g. permission
8. She says she could be in a meeting, the afternoon is
better.                                                                                                       h. advice
9. Friday afternoon, Abe asks: May I pick you up at 6 pm? i. ability
10. He must be on time to make a good impression.              j. suggestion

Complete the sentences with one of the two choices.

1. You really ___________ watch tv this much. (shall / shouldn‟t)
2. She ___________ be at work, she always works at this time. (must / could)
3. Speak up, I ___________ hear you! (can‟t / couldn‟t)
4. I ___________ hear a word he said. (can‟t / couldn‟t)
5. Andrew ___________ call his wife urgently. (must / shouldn‟t)
6. Thank you for calling Zee Company, how ___________ I help you? (can‟t / may)
7. If I go to New York, I ___________ see the Statue of Liberty. (will / would)
8. If I went to New York, I ___________ see the Statue of Liberty. (will / would)
9. It ___________ happen, but it is very unlikely. (shall / could)
10. Emma ___________ go out tonight, her parents said no. (can‟t / may)

Practise the ” be able to and to be allowed to”

exercise 2 (be able to /allowed to

exercise 3 (needn’t)


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