Understanding paintings

To appreciate a painting, here is an article in a web to better understand  what  an abstract painting is.

To describe a painting:

  • Types: portrait, landscape, sketch, drawing ,painting, sculpture
  • style: abstract, realistic, modern art, surrealistic ………
  • texture: smooth/ rough
  • shapes: simple, flat, curved, straight shape
  • colour: bright,  shiny,dull, warm, cool colour,light, dark, hue(to de color), neutral
  • adjectives:lovely, traditional ,creative…..
  • materials: wood,clay,stone,plastic, iron ,aluminium,crystal, glass,ivory,jade, gold, silver, concrete, mud, stainsteel, metal, tiles,chrome,copper,bronze
  • oil, watercolour ,charcoal,ink
  • Describe what the painter is communicating and how (through color, use of light, etc.)

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