Unit 9 Experiences

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Present Perfect

Affirmative : Structure   S+have/has+ V(past participle)

I have done the homework

she has done the homework

Negative: S+ havent/hasn’t + V (past participle)

I haven’t done the homework

she hasn’t done the homework

Interrogative : have/has + S + V (past participle) ?

Have you done the homework?   Yes, I have   / No, I haven’t

The past participle of regular verbs ends in -ed . It has the same form as the past simple  ending

The past participle of irregular verbs need to be learnt individually.

Been vs gone

The verb go has two past participle forms: been and gone.

We use been when we know that someone has returned from a journey.

John has been to Mexico(He is back now)

We use gone when they have not returned.

John has gone to India (He is still in India)

Particles of the Present Perfect

Just. We use it with the present perfect affirmative or interrogative to talk about something that happened a very short time ago.

Position: before the past participle

I have just eaten        have you just eaten?

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